New delivery platform 'QuickFoodies' is under construction.

15 Nov 2022 10:55 | Anonymous

Restaurants and deliverers will embrace the new 'QuickFoodies' platform. It fully meets all the negative effects of the current market parties. Launch 2023.

Most important features:

  • Restaurants themselves determine the fees to the deliverers. Higher fees lead to more motivated deliverers.

  • Restaurants themselves can charge delivery costs to their customers through the Quickfoodies platform.

  • Restaurants appoint regular delivery drivers and/or set a preference for named deliverers.
  • Deliverers receive their fee directly from the restaurants via the QuickFoodies platform.
  • Deliverers can designate restaurants for which they prefer or exclusively want to deliver.
  • Deliverers may also work for other delivery platforms.

  • All these provisions make the deliverers real and unconditional freelancers.
  • Deliverers can join their own franchise partnership for mutual agreements and for the conclusion of collective arrangements regarding financial and social security.
  • Restaurants pay QuickFoodies €1.00 per delivery as a platform fee in the form of a graduated scale. So no percentage of sales.
  • QuickFoodies has no expensive buildings, no directors, no chefs, no front and back office employees and therefore no overhead and no bureaucracy.

  • By creating an account for free and without obligation, in addition to an account on another platform, restaurants and delivery companies will gradually make the switch to QuickFoodies, because of and for the excellent financial, social and organizational features.

Complicated and complex? No, not at all! Just a matter of codes, smartphone and internet.

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