Founding event 'RiskShare Advisors'

  • 26 May 2023
  • 10:00 - 18:00



Your own advisory office with your own clients combined with the advantages of working in a franchise partnership without conflict-prone central authority. This is only possible at 'RiskShare Advisors'. The concept where holacracy really works.

RiskShare Advisors is a franchise partnership of and for contemporary financial, tax, legal and medical advisors who work together completely independently and freely. Advisors can enter and exit on a daily basis, while retaining their accrued client base. Besides RiskShare Advisors, one can also be a franchisee of other franchise organizations. No obligations and unfriendly contracts, but completely working from one's own ambition and emotion, taking into account one's own strong and weak points and a healthy balance between work and private life. That is the strength of the franchise concept of RiskShare Advisors.

Clients choose or change a RiskShare Advisor for an advice subscription. RiskShare Advisors advises and manages p2p risk-sharing on mutually agreed terms and 60% lower premium. Advisors specify the risk-sharing to be programmed in consultation with their clients. Advisors are the first and only point of contact for clients and claims and are therefore client responsible. The advisors pay a fee per client to the Platform. RiskShare Advisors do not require a government license.

Clients: At least 60% premium benefit
Advisors: Income up to €90,000 by 100 clients
No government laws, regulations and licences apply


1. Introductory round

2. Election of board of directors of the Franchise Parnership.

3. Lunch

4. Franchise board presentation

5. Presentation P2P Risk Sharing

6. Reconciliation of subscriptions and declarations

7. Management and use of marketing and promotional budget.

8. Wishes regarding design and layout of website and mobile app

9. Closing with the slogan: 'Risk ends where RiskShare begins'

The goal is a franchise partnership of 5,000 advisors and 1,000,000 clients within 5 years. Advisors who wish to stand for a board position can make this known via

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